It’s A BLAST CALENDAR2023-2024 Public School Calendar

Public calendar 2023-2024

It’s A BLAST CALENDAR2023-2024 Catholic School Calendar

Catholic calendar 2023-2024

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Our Daily Activities

Creative Activities

For the child who likes to do crafts, colour and draw.


Where the children have a choice of what they want to play. i.e. Lego , K’nex


For older and younger children such as puzzles, cards and board games.


For the child who like to pretend and imagine such as dress up, puppets and travel.


Either indoor or outdoors such as sports, parachute and circle games.

Quiet & Reading

For the child who enjoys their quiet time doing such things as hidden pictures, comics, or chapter books.

School Year Program

Register online by clicking on the tab above – Online Registration & Forms. Child care is available for grades 1 – 5 in the Public School System and grades 1 – 6 in the Holy Spirit Catholic System. Before School provides care Monday to Friday before school. After School provides care Monday to Friday after school, Professional Development (PD) days, Parent/Teacher interviews, Teacher’s Convention, Christmas & Easter Holidays

Summer Program

Summer program at BLAST is a busy and exciting time!!! The children are given a variety of choices during the day, and the ability to move freely to choose activities such as centres, physical games, outdoor play, water play, crafts, board games, and special activities such as cooking, science experiments, building and creating. We go on a variety of off-site activities from walks to their neighborhood par for free play, organized games and picnics, swimming, Whoop-Up Days Parade, Pavan Park, and out of town day trips. Last but not least, we have members of the community come into our programs and share their special talents! This could include bands, dancers, firefighters, students, members of sports teams etc. The fun is never-ending!